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Preloading Closer Arms

We've been seeing some pretty strange closer installations out there lately, and thought this might be a good time to talk about preloading your arms. (Please note this hasn't got a dang thing to do with your shotgun. You'll find another website for that information.)


Preloading your closer arms refers to an adjustment that must be made when using a parallel arm mounting (or push side mounting) on a closer that can be mounted several different ways. So if you're using a closer like a Sargent 351 UO or an LCN 4041 that uses the same closer body for either push-side or pull-side mounting, you need to preload the closer spring tension before you connect the arm to the closer body.


First, slap up the closer body (Ralph's found that the screws in the box seem to work a little better even than super glue or duct tape). Then, put on the foot bracket. (Don't ask us who decided that the arm gets mounted to the foot. Then, preload the arm.

Now we know that none of us macho guys want to get called a "sissy" for reading the directions in the field. So we're showing you the preloading part right here. And if any of the guys in the field ask what you're doing, just tell them you're on your favorite website looking at some really firm, sleek bodies. (You don't need to mention that they're closer bodies).

The amount you preload varies with the closer. Sargent shows a 45 degree preload and LCN is showing a 30 degree preload. You’ll need to look at the instructions for this. Ralph usually pretends he is using the instructions to clean his lunch off his shirt at this point, but he's really sneaking a peek at the instructions.

By the way, our friends at LCN ask us to remind you to screw the backcheck selector valve all the way in to help slow that door down as it opens.

Well, once again – happy installin'!


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