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Services for Architects





We proudly offer the highest-quality standard hollow metal doors and door frames from Steelcraft Manufacturing and Curries Company.

Custom built material is also available to meet your needs and specialty doors are available as follows:

  • Metal bi-fold doors
  • Lead lined doors, frames and windows
  • Stainless steel doors and frames
  • Mirrored closet doors
  • Double acting / impact doors
  • Blast-resistant doors and frames
  • Bullet-resistant doors and frames
  • FRP doors and frames
  • Strip doors
  • Sound-resistant door and frame systems
  • Insulated metal doors, pre-hung in wood frames

    * We can also furnish and glaze the glass for your doors and frames.


The following manufacturers supply Cleveland Vicon with the highest-quality flush or stile & rail doors:

The following specialty wood doors are also available:

  • Lead lined
  • Bullet resistant
  • Sound resistant
  • Bifold doors (louvered and flush)
  • Pre-hung wood doors in wood frames


We proudly offer attractive, durable door hardware from the following manufacturers:

Access Control

Specialty Items

Cleveland Vicon also provides specialty items such as restroom accessories and partitions from the following manufacturers:

Specialty Items by division

Access Doors (Division 08305)

Toilet Compartments (Division 10155)

Flagpoles (Division 10350)

Signage (Division 10426)

Lockers (Division 10500)

Fire Protection Specialties (Division 10520)

Postal Specialties (Division 10550)

Operable Partitions (Division 10650)

Storage Shelving (Division 10670)

Telephone Specialties (Division 10750)

Toilet & Bath Accessories (Division 10800)

Hat and Coat Rack & Accessories (Division 10914)



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