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What are your hours?
Cleveland Vicon is open from 7:30am to 5:00pm, the customer counter is open until 4:30pm (Monday - Friday) but contact us if you need service beyond those hours and we will try to accomodate.

What color finishes are available?
Standard common finish symbols are: Click to view >

Finish Symbol
Finish Symbol
US3 Polished Brass
US4 Dull Brass 606
US10 Dull Bronze 612
US10B/A Dull Bronze/Oxidized/Oil Rubbed
US26 Polished Chrome
US26D Dull Chrome
US32D Stainless Steel-Dull 630

How do I know what fire rating I need on my door?

Class Fire Rating
A 3 Hours
B 1 1/2 Hour
C 3/4
D 1 1/2 Hour
E 3/4 Hour
  20 Minutes
  20 Minutes
  Without Hose
  Stream Test
  Positive Pressure Tested
  Category A - with intumescent seals built into door
  Category B - for intumescent seals applied to frame
Cleveland Vicon certified consultants can help you select the door rating that is required for your opening.

What do the initials behind your names mean?

Architectural Hardware Consultant (AHC) and Certified Door Consultant (CDC), are the certification designations recognized as marks of excellence throughout the industry. These professional certifications attest to the high principles of the individual and that he or she is a professional prepared to provide sound architectural Door and Hardware specification advice and counsel to architects, contractors and building owners.

The Door and Hardware Institute (DHI) awards these credentials to individuals who have successfully completed a prescribed series of training and have passed rigorous certification examinations. Individuals pursuing certification must complete the core educational curriculum before branching off to follow a particular discipline.

The designation DAHC stands for Distinguished Architectural Hardwarde Consultant is a top national honor for technical expertise.


What do the letters in my door schedule mean?
Those commonly used abbreviations are:
RH Right Hand  
LH Left Hand  
RHR Right Hand Reverse  
LHR Left Hand Reverse  
AST Astragal  
BF Bi-Fold  
BP Bi-Pass  
CO Cased Opening  
DA Double Acting  
GALV Galvanized  
HMD Hollow Metal Door  
HMF Hollow Metal Frame  
KA Keyed Alike  
KD Keyed Different  
KD Knocked Down (frame)  
MAS Masonry  
MKD Masterkeyed  
SUA Set-Up and Arc Welded  
TB Thru Bolts  
ws/ms Wood Screw/Machine Screw

How do I hand a door?
Well, the first rule to follow when identifying the correct handing is that you must address the door from the outside—also known as the key side, cylinder side or the secured side. Stand on the outside of the door. Determine whether the hinges are on the right or the left. You should be able to make this determination whether the hinges are visible or not. Next, make the following observations to establish the correct handing of the door:

Left Handing
Right Handing

When the hinges are on the left (concealed from view) and the door swings away from you (into the room), the door is Left Hand (LH).  

When the hinges are on the right (concealed from view) and the door swings away from you (into the room), the door is Right Hand (RH).

Left Hand Reverse

Right Hand Reverse

When the hinges are on the left (visible) and the door swings toward you, the door is Left Hand Reverse (LHR).

When the hinges are on the right (visible) and the door swings toward you, the door is Right Hand Reverse (RHR).

Handing of a pair of doors can be accomplished one of two ways. If one leaf is held stationary by bolts or some other means, and the other door locks into it, that door with the lock or security device is called the "active leaf." The stationary door is called the "inactive leaf." This handing follows the same procedures as shown above for the active leaf and is named and abbreviated accordingly. For example: a pair might be handed as Right Hand Active (RH-Active). Other alternatives would be LH-Active, RHR-Active (RHRA) or LHR-Active (LHRA). When both leaves are operable at all times, the handing is listed to show the swing of both doors. For example: a pair might be 1/Right Hand 1/Left Hand.


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